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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Welcome to 4!!

Zaydaan; language, Arabic; Meaning, Abundance (of all that is good)

Just before my 30th birthday, on a rather cold and rainy Friday evening and with an eagerly awaiting queue of guests, at precisely 6pm; I welcomed my third child into the world! My baby boy made his debut weighing in at 3.4 kilos, with a strong set of lungs and a head full of hair. If I was feeling anxious, nervous, and pretty much petrified before the delivery, I certainly wasn't feeling any of it as this new being lay bundled up in blankets on my chest. I had a new man in my life and I was totally in love!!

It's hard to believe that 4yrs has passed so quickly, for my baby has now grown into quite an independent young boy. Already at school, he loves Toy Story and cuddles; has an obsession with dirt trucks and tractors; his favourite indulgences are hot dog doughnuts (Custard filled doughnuts) and ice-cream sandwiches (ice cream wafers) and his favourite word is WHY! He has inherited his brother’s love for numbers and puzzles, his sister’s love for drawing and tea, his mother’s love for talking and his dad’s love of the ipad. If there was any doubt as to where exactly he would fit into the dynamics of our family, he has certainly put it to rest...he has made a giant leap into my heart, often crawls into his sisters bed, bullies his brother, rolls on the ground fighting his dad and managed to wrap granddad around his little finger in the process too! He is a little piece of magic that melts our hearts with his smile.

And the magic doesn't end there. Being last in the family (in Cape Town at least) comes with its own set of benefits. There's a whole string of family members that readily and happily share in the magical moments, especially the Aunts who are always ready to take on various sets of duties....from playtime and McD's drive through with Moon, cuddle and TV time with Deed, lunchtime rendezvous with Mom; to a good dose of discipline from Naani, even the older cousins eagerly play their part in taking care of him and protecting him. He is extremely lucky to be embraced with so much love....

They say having a child changes you, transforms you, strengthens you. Having 3 then, has metamorphosed me from a timid, young 23yr old at the birth of my first child, to a strong independent 33 yr old I am today. With each child I have learnt more about myself, and with the third I have found my voice! I don't think a mother ever forgets the day her child is born, whether they turn 4 or 40; whether she has 3 or 5 children. The memory of the struggles will be as fresh as yesterday....

Here is something I wrote during those last, struggling days being pregnant with Zaydaan...

Though feet are swollen and back is aching...

Though breathes are but fast paced heaves...

Though every movement a strain, a force...

Aching limbs and swollen belly, I thank the Lord for this burden so heavy.

For every movement, kick and shudder,

A reflection of the miracle deep under...

Deep beneath the skin of my belly; tucked away, concealed, growing,

Lies a miracle, a gift of God.

Every sharp pain, every movement, a sign of the miracle within!

What started as a clot of blood,

Bonded from a piece of me, a piece of you,

Now growing, connected to me,

But very soon you too shall be set free!

Nine months I carried and nurtured, my body a slave to your needs.

A lifetime more I shall walk in your shadow, trying to protect you, shelter you.

Nine months you shape shifted inside of me,

Nine months I evolved to accommodate YOU.

Nine months I alone besotted over every miraculous movement,

Silently relishing in the joy of your existence

I am your carrier, and through life, though you may learn to carry yourself and your burdens,

Always remember that I am your mother!!



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