me Life and Times of the Fireflies: October 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Broken Silence

Those moments of peace and quiet, sitting in the car of a slowly filling parking lot. Tapping my fingers on the steering wheel, humming along to an old familiar song of yesteryear; a song I actually know the words to. The passenger next to me, peers outside the window the way puppies do at passing cars. Contentment.
Finger trickling over numbers and digits, mouth curling at some amusing Facebook update. And then the wait is over...Searching through the flurry of bodies, I see the flapping strands of hair, broad smile, missing teeth; followed closely by a bouncing ponytail. My eyes, my nose, on 2 different bodies, staring back at me!
And then it happens. Violently flinging doors, open and shut. Surfboard dive onto the backseat of the car. High pitched voices...This, I'm sure, they don't get from me!!
Squirrel on the lip...You're so ugly...Alien toes...Your face is a disappointment. The words fly like missiles through the air. MOM!... HAHAHA!...Tears...Energy too big, confined in a space too small. The 10 minute drive home seems eternal.
My favourite tune, drowned out by the flying words. I seriously want to laugh; sometimes I do; but it only makes it worse! Sometimes, like chalk scraped against the chalkboard, my voice chimes in. A high pitched shriek  plea.
The car halts, and they pour out of the doors like cooldrink out of a glass too full. I linger in the car a little while longer, enveloped in the final seconds of solace before I have to get out and face the noise...The kids are home from school, and the peace has been shattered like a porcelain vase hitting the floor!

 *p.s. I love my kids and most certainly enjoy Motherhood...noise and all.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Happy Birthday Waseem

Image courtesy of Larry English

I was exactly the age you are now when you were born. A massive 4.9 kilo's, smack bang in the middle of my matric final exams!!

You gave me my first taste of motherhood, even though I'm only your Aunt...But I guess, when your mother is my sister; Aunt and Mother has one and the same meaning. You might not remember your beginning years...but a lot of it was spent at Naani's home, and for your first 4 years, my home too.

You might not remember sleeping over every weekend. And you might not remember sleeping between me and Moon.  You can't possibly remember me sitting on the stoep feeding you, or that even from then, you enjoyed my food. You won't remember that I would wake up in the middle of the night to give you your medicine when you were sick, and you might not even remember that we taught you to read at the tender age of 4...that all your aunts played a role in rearing you.

But, I remember. And I remember dearly. And I will always remember...and even though I am dwarfed by your height now; you will always be my little Waseem.

You are very lucky to have a mother in all of us! Especially today, when you are receiving a Mother's duaas fourfold...and a  Love, that is eternal.

Happy 17th Birthday
Love Always,

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

I was caught totally by surprise last week, when I discovered that I was nominated for this award by two bloggers that I respect and admire. For the longest time I was certain that only my family and a select few friends were interested in anything I had to say (or knew about my little blog), so it's definitely been encouraging to receive 2 nominations in one week! Thank you Rushda from Rube's Closet ( ) and Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger ( ) for the nomination.

For all those wondering what this award is about....It's a platform created for new bloggers to get to know each other a little bit better, and also, if you're like me, opens you up to discover new blogs too!

The Rules:
  1. Have 200 or less followers
  2. No tag backs
  3. You have to choose 10 bloggers to tag, and answer the question set by the blogger that tagged you.
  4. Set 10 questions for those bloggers to answer
  5. Let the nominees know of their award
So, let's get the show on the road, starting off with Rushda's questions first. My son is helping me to ensure I am being honest...

1. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Being a mom of 3 I'd say anywhere...on earth....that's away from all the chaos would be an ideal destination! Of all the holidays I've been on, I'd say the Mediterranean cruise we went on last year was definitely one of the most child friendly trips.

2. Do you have a bucket list? If so, name one thing on your bucket list.

I don't have an official bucket list, but my husband and I are in agreement that we want to travel, see the world and experience different cultures.

3.What is one thing in your handbag you can't leave home without? (besides the cell phone and wallet)

Definitely my lip tints in berry and nude from Bloom (my son opened my bag and says till slips!!)

4.What inspired you to start blogging?

I've always had a passion for writing. I find it very therapeutic. My sisters inspired me to take my writing from journaling, to blogging, and  that's how my blog was born... and I'm loving it!

5.Would you leave home without make-up?

I leave home without make-up all the time! And my mother moans about my untidy hair! I'm very low maintenance; but I do make an effort on weekends, date nights and special occasions.

6.What is your all time favourite movie?

My husband has a movie addiction, which means we go through A LOT of movies in a year, so it's really hard to choose one in particular. A movie I always enjoy, perhaps because it's the memory of laughing solo in the movie theatre with my baby sister is,  Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. And if I had to choose a movie for 2013, it would be Flight, because I really loved the underlying message.

7.What do you do to relax before bedtime?

60% of the time I fall unconscious with the kids... the rest of the time, I watch some t.v with hubby (C.S.I fans), my son says BBM skinner with my mom and sister ;-)

8. Who is your hottie crush?

Bruce Willis (I have a thing for bald guys)...and Chris Hemsworth ( did u seem him in Rush!? And Thor...#drool)...and that guy on the poster at the Woolworths meat counter ;-)

9. Your favourite item in your closet at the moment?

Definitely my boyfriend jeans!....and my wedge heels!!

10. What is your favourite animal?

Cats! They're cute, cuddly, quiet, and basically see to themselves! Best pets ever!

And now for Leana's questions...

1. If you could switch lives with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be and why?

Probably one of the Kardashian sisters....someone to do my hair and make up on a daily basis, unlimited clothing, and my own reality show! Would really like to see what that's like...but only for like, a day!
2. Tell me about your favourite pet.

My daughter loves animals, and if she could have her way we would live on a farm full of animals. We opted for a cat called Figgy ....see question 10 above.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go - money isn't an issue.

For an island getaway, Maldives...and the cities New York and Paris, one of which must be in Winter.
4. When you run into an ex, what do you do?

I married my first love! *sigh*..but I do have many embarrassing ...wave...keep head down low and walk away fast!
5. What is your favourite fragrance?

Narcisso Rodrigues (The pink bottle), and Bulgari when I want a more intense fragrance.

6. Little black dress or red lipstick?

Definitely the black dress!

7. If the Backstreet Boys were the only guys alive, who would you marry?

LOL! Are you serious!? Howie...but only cos my sister always said he reminded her of my husband in his heyday!

8. Vampires or Werewolves?

I don't do skinny pale boys! Team Jacob :-)
9. What do you look for in a friend? Elaborate

Quite simply, someone who has my best interest at heart...and won't stab me in the back or the heart. I can laugh with my enemies, but my best friend must be loyal, because that's what they're getting from me.

10. What is your best colds and flus remedy?

Drugs? Iliadin spray works wonders for a blocked nose. And if all else Dad's get well treat; custard doughnuts and guava juice. Seriously, it always makes me feel better!

That was fun! Now for my Nominees:

Lauren from Cool Kids Only
Shaheeda from Style by Shaheeda
Aneesa from The Glam Locket
July from July Writes
Raeesa from Everything Under the Sun
Johlet from Our Journey to Everywhere
Rashida from RashiedaUncut
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Nastassha from My Life as Nas
Verushka from Spicegoddess

And my questions for you are....

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. What is your favourite book?
  3. Best childhood memory...
  4. What is your ideal holiday destination?
  5. Your favourite t.v programme is...
  6. What is your most favourite blog post that you have written?
  7. Horror? Comedy? Action? Thriller? Romcom?
  8. What is your favourite thing to blog about?
  9. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  10. What is your favourite fragrance?
Looking forward to hearing everyone's answers...
Thanks for taking the time to read today,

Monday, 21 October 2013

Eid-ul-Adhaa ( Festival of Sacrifice)

It is the month where many pilgrims from around the world, unite in the holiest of cities, to perform the vigorous and emotional journey of Hajj. 10 days of toil and turmoil; forging of new bonds and friendships, releasing all past sins and mistakes, forging forward in life with a new found acceptance, peace and submission to the will of God.
For those of us left behind; those who have been on the journey previously and those still yet to go; we embrace and celebrate these steps towards a new beginning with the pilgrims...and are reminded of the purpose of this journey we all wish to take in our lives. And even though we are not there ourselves, all of us are deeply aware of the significance of those 10 days, some even opting to fast; with the end of the tumultuous journey, being the celebration of Eid.

This is an important religious holiday celebrated by all Muslims around the world to honour the willingness of the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his young first born son, and the sons acceptance to being sacrificed, as an act of submission to the command of the Almighty. The Almighty, being pleased with their willingness, intervenes by providing Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead.

The atmosphere surrounding this Eid is definitely more sombre and subdued in comparison with the excitement of Eid-ul-Fitr, with many families choosing to partake in the obligatory sacrifice of a lamb in honour and remembrance of our beloved prophet. As always, these days are celebrated together as a family and community, everyone dressed in their finest, tables decked in the finest sweet treats, lavish family meals, and a strong feeling of togetherness...

Here are some pics of the day!

My kids..

My son kindly offered to be my photographer...

With the lack of decent, modest clothing in stores; I opted to have something made by a dear friend, and fantastic designer, Nazir.



Moon...and all the kids/tweens/teenagers (whatever)!!

Brother love...



The handsome teens ;-)

Bonding with my Dad...

Brother and kids in the UK.
Hope all who celebrated had a wonderful Eid,

Friday, 18 October 2013

High Tea at the Vineyard Hotel

I count myself very fortunate to still have the privilege of my parents. They have been a great source of security and comfort to me, and each day with them is indeed a blessing. It makes days like Birthdays all the more special, and well worth a celebration! With Mom turning 63 last week, we felt that a tea party would be the ideal way to celebrate...

Nestled in the lush suburb of Newlands; with a stunning mountain view and wonderful landscaped gardens; the Vineyard Hotel provided the perfect tranquil environment for an afternoon tea party. With the weather playing along, and the stunning natural setting, the stage was set for a fantastic afternoon.

Named after the founder of the hotel, the Lady Anne High -Tea menu offered a wonderful selection of vegetarian savoury nibbles and some tantalising sweet treats, served on a 3 tier stand, coupled with your choice of either tea or coffee... Although not overly extravagant in presentation, I found the eatables to be very tasty and decadent, and good value for money compared to some other establishments also offering High-Tea options.

Boasting a Halaal friendly menu, if the High Tea menu doesn't quite tickle your fancy, there is still plenty other options to choose from on their regular menu or Sushi menu as well.

With the lush, green, immaculate lawn sprawled below like a green ocean,  housing a variety of plants; as well as being home to a tortoise or two; it provides a perfect playground for active kids (and a perfect backdrop for photo's), giving you a chance to soak up the luxurious surrounding in peace, while still being able to keep a watchful eye on your brood.

An overall ambience of peace and tranquillity, The Garden Lounge (Name of the restaurant) aptly describes the atmosphere and setting... And because no trip to the Vineyard Hotel is complete without a frolic in the garden for mini photoshoot, here are some pics of our memorable afternoon...

Mom and her younger sister

Mom looks nowhere near 63 years old!!

With her baby girl...

Big Sis...

My Aunt, joining the festivities..

Everyone has their favourite ;-)

Sister's bonding...

Group shots; taking turns being photographer...
Grandma and Grandson...

Mom and her ever reliable eldest daughter...always to our rescue!

Oooops!! Forgot to take the tags off my shoes!! 

 And this pic pretty much sums up our entire afternoon!!
 (who else can notice all the similarities between Mom and I? )
Thanks for reading today,

Monday, 14 October 2013

Family Matters

There are many things in life that I cherish...that my heart remembers fondly and my mind adheres to with nostalgic sentiment. There are many things that have captured my soul and represent my essence. Things that are not really 'things'...but moments in time; fragmented pieces of my history; frozen, preserved, entombed into the very core of my being!

The greatest of these cherished things, are the biggest moments in my life...The greatest tests... Days I was paralysed with fear, or tormented with heartache. Burdened with sorrow, overcome with uncontrollable laughter...a joy so great, or a moment  insignificantly small...

I have faced these moments, but I have never faced them alone. Even the days I FELT alone, I have always been part of a much larger force...and that is my Family...
And so, when there are moments of significance in our lives, or the lives of our children; speech contests and school concerts; Birthday celebrations and Prefect comes naturally to us that several, if not all of us, are there to represent. And even if not physically, these moments are shared...with a photo, a message, a phone call. Cheering each other on, offering one another support; from here in South Africa...till all the way in the U.K...wherever we may be, whatever corner of the world...we are bonded and bound together. We are not single trees that face the tides and torrents alone...But we are a forest that protect each other through it all!

As my Father always says...We (5 kids), are like match sticks...Individually, we can be broken... But together, we are unbreakable!
This past week has seen us celebrate many feats and accomplishments...and we celebrated it the way we do best...celebrated together as a Family....


Starting the week off, was Saafiyah, who reached the Semi-finals in a speech contest...

And Waseem got elected as Prefect for the 2014 academic year ...

 Next up, was a casual breakfast, celebrating Moms' birthday...

Followed by an impromptu cake and candles with Moon and the (nearby) grandkids...


  Then it was Zaydaan's turn to strut his stuff at his school's annual concert...

And we ended the week off with a tea party for Mom's birthday, at the Vineyard Hotel!
(But more of that on another day!)


And just when I thought it was safe to relax....I realise Eid is in 2 days time!!!!!!!!