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Sunday, 23 August 2015

A Year of Change

Birthdays are always sentimental because we are reminded of the journey that has brought us to this point. This has been a big year for change. For you...for all of us. New beginnings are always the hardest. Not so much for the one's embarking on their new adventure, but more so for the ones feeling like they've been left behind.
In many ways it is the change we have always wanted for you...for your mom. But perhaps the time that has lapsed in us waiting and praying for this new beginning, is also to blame for my heart becoming too attached.  As much as it has all been also involves letting go of having things the way they used to be.
But as things change, we must learn to embrace it and move with the current. Just because things are slightly different, it does not mean that the heart forgets or that it stops loving. My love for you is always going to be special and my heart is full knowing that you have been embraced with an abundance of love and kindness, that this new chapter brings you so much happiness and fulfilment.

Family is one of life's greatest treasures. And though change is a certainty that will always come our way, our lives will always be connected through our bond, our love and our memories. May time be kind to our love, strengthen our bond, and award us with an ocean more of memories that will last forever!

Happy 15th Birthday Awesome Agu!
Love Always,

Thursday, 20 August 2015

What Makes You Beautiful - Featuring Rashieda Adams

The media is notoriously guilty of creating impossible standards of beauty! Armed with the assistance of photoshop, filters and extreme editing - Add to that make-up brands promises of perfection...then keeping up with what makes you beautiful in the digital age, can prove to be difficult and costly.

But modern day media has some success stories too! Social media has redefined the way we interact and forge friendships; albeit with it's own kind of filtering (Nobody shares everything right!?). Online updates, pictures and quotes gives us a glimpse into the mind and lives of the people behind the screen...the long forgotten friend, work colleagues and new acquaintances. It helps us stay in touch when life is far too busy for that long overdue coffee date. Through online sharing, we continue to inspire and be inspired by others.
The blogging industry is fast becoming a strong force in the media world too. Most likely because it serves as a voice for ordinary people. Curvy people, short people, single mothers, divorcees...We all tell a story from a different perspective.  People identify with this because it doesn't conform to the standards set by glossy magazines.  Getting the latest fashion updates, beauty reviews and musings on life from real people; minus some of the filters; gives the power back to the "everyday" woman!
In this way, blogging has given me a chance to draw inspiration from the journeys of others, and afforded me the opportunity to cross paths with women I might not have otherwise. One of these women is Rashieda Adams. I met Rashieda online when we were both still new to the blogging world. She was the first person to ever interview me for her blog, and in a way, has always been one of my strongest supporters outside my family circle! Sometimes I think she has more faith in me and my abilities than I have in myself. 
Passionate, dedicated, sincere and enthusiastic...these are some of the words that best describes her! Though I've only physically met Rashieda twice, it's through her writing  and blogging journey that I have gotten to know this inspiring individual a little bit better.
What makes Rashieda beautiful to me? Rashieda has only ever sang my praises! Although it is a great feeling to be on the receiving end of praise, I think she is far more deserving of it than me. Where  I am a thinker, Rashieda is a doer! Her beauty lies in her kindness and generosity which extends beyond just her words. She is driven by her passion of helping others, and after leaving the blogging field for a while, she has returned recently so that she can use her online presence to uplift those less fortunate. Recognising the plight of abused women and children, she not only feels, but is pro-active about those feelings and tries to create awareness to this cause in any way she can. She is beautiful, because she has a heart full of empathy and cares enough to take action!
So, Rashieda, what makes you beautiful?
What makes me beautiful?
When I was asked this question my instinctive answer was to say well I don’t see myself as beautiful, not in the pretty beauty queen kind of way that society and Disney seem to like. No Pocahontas here! I always just thought I clean up really nicely hahaa. But then I just thought stop your nonsense.  What makes me beautiful is my genuine love for people. I am passionate about people and about the upliftment of women and children. Everyone deserves to have everything of the best. It is how Allah intended it to be after all. He made one earth for all of us to share. I have a kind and generous heart. I know I am a work in progress and I have yet to reach my full potential. I have so much to offer with so much love to give. I serve an Amazing, Loving, Merciful and Kind Allah and in his paradise no one is left out and that’s what makes me beautiful.
Rashieda, together with Invisible CT, is currently running a Women's Month initiative to 
 collect toiletries and non perishables for the Saartjie Baartman Centre for abused women and children. If you are able to contribute towards this cause, please contact Rashieda...
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Friday, 14 August 2015

CityROCK - An Indoor Rock Climbing Adventure

When I found out I was having a daughter just over 13 years ago, I envisioned dressing her up in frilly dresses and tutu's, imagined a future of princess parties and spa dates. What I got, instead, was an energetic, athletic, adventure seeking, tights and takkies kind of girl!

And though, as she enters the teen years, the rare occasions are becoming more frequent that the girly girl  makes it's appearance (she has learnt the art of contouring, highlighting and perfecting the winged eyeliner before me), the adventurous young lady is still very much alive as she back flips, cartwheels, and jumps squats her way up the stairs and through the house!

So it didn't come as much of a surprise that she passed on the disco and slumber themed parties that is so common for this age, and instead opted for a rock climbing (and Emoji) party with the cousins!

I had never heard of CityROCK before and stumbled upon their website quite coincidentally; after which it had been on my mental to-do-list of things to do with the kids.  CityROCK is an indoor rock climbing venue, making it a perfect place for kids of all ages to get in some physical activity in a fun and adventurous way, without having to worry about the weather! It also made it the perfect party venue for my daughter! The great thing about CityROCK is that they cater for a variety of audiences - from the first time climber, to the more experienced and seasoned outdoor climbers. Not just for kids or parties, they are quite popular amongst thrill seeking adults and cater for corporate events too.

Overall, I found it to be a fun and safe way to keep the kids fit and active and away from the clasp of their technological devices, which has become a far too convenient way to keep the kids occupied during the colder seasons. The convenience of a coffee shop and free Wifi makes it an ideal spot for parents to socialise and socia(media)lise while the kids are under the watchful eye of trained instructors.

Although all the kids in attendance were of varying fitness levels and abilities, they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were still feeling the effects of their party workout in their arms for a few days after! I will definitely be taking the kids to CityROCK  again...and maybe next time I will join in myself :-)

p.s  I thought the Emoji theme was so appropriate for a teenager as it perfectly depicts all their varying moods and emojis  that we as moms are faced with during the day (insert crying laughing emoji here)!!

The birthday girl
Family <3
Special shoes are provided

Helping hand from Mom

Siblings :-)
Brotherly love

Listening carefully to the instructions
Lending a helping hand

Paparazzi Mom (momarazzi?)

Emoji Cookies!
No decent picture of the cake!

By the time I switched on my camera she was halfway up!


Any guess who won this challenge?

Can you spot the photobomber!

Having some fun of our own!
These emoji cookies were a hit!

Emoji Faces! I had to choose the silliest one

My Cool guy ;-)

Details for CityROCK 
Address - 21Anson Road, Observatory
Phone - 021 447 1326
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Friday, 7 August 2015

Tricking the Tooth Fairy

The thing about having a six year gap between your second and third child is that you sometimes approach milestones with a little less vigour than you did with kid number one and two. With the first kids' first tooth, pancakes were made from scratch...and in rainbow colours too! Baby number two had to make do with premix pancakes. And baby number three....when exactly did that tooth come out??!!
You see, while third time round it was a breeze to get settled into a routine and discipline and get them to pack away toys (hooray for good parenting!), certain novelties have fallen by the wayside, cos lets face it...been there, done that with the first two kids already (Horrible, I know!). Very often this leaves me feeling guilty, but sometimes it leaves a doorway open for a special moment to take place between siblings.
Perhaps it's my guilt that's making me particularly sentimental...Perhaps it's the too fast passing of time. Perhaps it's the realisation that these opportunities won't arise again and maybe that's what is making me sentimental about posting it here and preserving the memory. Mostly I think I just want a moment to relish in the endearing gestures that siblings share. And remind myself that beyond all the chaos of raising three kids of different ages, there's also some magic in between!

Just last week the bigger kids decided to help Zee trick the Tooth fairy! Seeing as they had long grown past believing in such things, and that he had a long way to go before losing any of his own pearly whites (there was also a bit of negotiating involved when tugging on his own teeth proved fruitless) and seeing as they had both lost teeth in the same week, trickery seemed the only way to speed up his visit from the Tooth fairy.

 Naturally, this old Tooth Fairy's skills is beyond rusty and I had totally forgotten to leave Zee any money...Seeing that their Mom had completely failed at fulfilling this experience for their little brother, the older kids took money from their own savings and succeeded in not only tricking, but also totally replacing the Tooth Fairy in our house!
A lot of the time I'm not sure if I'm getting this whole parenting thing right or wrong. Most times I feel like I am failing miserably. But in this moment, in this gesture between siblings; I felt for a fleeting second that I might be doing alright :-)

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