me Life and Times of the Fireflies: July 2015

Sunday, 26 July 2015

What the Future Holds

I remember sitting deep in thought the day before you were born; much as I am sitting and pondering today, the eve before your 13th birthday; anxiously wondering what the future holds. Back then, as I stood on the threshold of motherhood, I was thinking about all the new experiences that journey would bring with it...feeding schedules, burping babies, teething and toddlerhood...Today my mind is racing in anticipation over the new experiences the Teen years might bring... curfews, bad influences, broken hearts, open communication and boundaries. 
As tough and exhausting as those beginning years are, I feel like my real challenge starts now! Up until now we have tried our best to instil good morals, values and etiquette in you. I am hoping we did a good job in teaching you right from wrong and that the road map we have chartered out guides you in the right direction. That these morals serve as a compass that will always guide you toward the light.
As we approach this new and important crossroad- me with fear and caution, slow and steady strides, my grip on you perhaps too tight. Afraid of what the real world with the naivety and excitement of a youth yet to experience the pitfalls of the real world, hastening blindly into this realm of false security and illusion- I know I need to shift my gears for this next stretch, I just haven't quite figured out my approach!
For now, I can still match your stride, keep up with your pace. Be beside you through it all! It's been slightly fearful watching you grow, develop into your own person. It hasn't always been easy raising a daughter in this era. But a big part of me is relieved that you have retained most of your innocence, your kindness and compassion towards others. That you have not outgrown my hugs. That it is you who demands to be tucked in at night and not me hanging onto the little pieces of 'little' you. And I am grateful that even in our moments of outbursts, I still have a glimpse into your mind and your heart and I am still a part of your world.
I have no certainty as to what the future holds...What I do know is that as I get older, my strides will get slower. I may not be able to keep up. Perhaps I will be left behind. I can only hope that when that time comes, you will look back from time to time just to let me know you are ok and I hope that by then I will be brave enough to set you free...
 Happy 13th Birthday!
Love always,
Mommy <3

Monday, 20 July 2015

MRP Denim

It's too soon to say we are back into the swing of our normal routine, although I won't lie; I am enjoying what is the first calm and quiet morning in a while! No T.V. No arguments. No nagging. Just me, a cup of coffee and some Eid biscuits to keep me company!
No doubt, the kids are growing up and the house during the holidays is a lot calmer than it used to be. They possess a new found independence and sense of responsibility that was lacking in their former years...but on the flip side, the older two are also developing their own sense of style and attracted to fashion in a way that wasn't there before either!

But we all know following trends can be expensive business! Throw into the equation some fashion conscious tweens who outgrows clothes and trends like it's nobody's business, and it will have one relooking our budget a few times! Which makes me grateful for stores like MRP. Offering up to date trends that are easy on the budget, means that accommodating the demands of tweens is a little easier on the wallet!

MRP gifted the kids with awesome winter fashion a couple of months ago at the Cape Town Mom Blogger Meet Up and the kids have made thorough use of their Winter goodies! They were most impressed with their denims...and so was I! So happy were they that they even agreed to do this mini photo shoot in appreciation for their fantastic threads...and thrilled at the idea that it has opened the doors to a more budget friendly shopping alternative for the future!




Saafiyah is wearing MRP dungaree and Raqeeb is wearing jogger and shirt both from MRP
Thanks MRP! And thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What Makes You Beautiful - Featuring Fazila Cariem

Most of the time on social media, we follow people and their journey's through a series of updates and pictures that gives us a peek into their minds and their lives. Half of them we've left behind in school. Some, we have stumbled pass in the hallways and cafeterias of college. Others we have met while forging our careers. While some we have bonded with through our journey towards motherhood.

Each friendship forged in times and phases that are different...where WE are different. When we needed different things from the companions by our side...Adventure, finding ourselves, heartbreak, rebellions, getting back on track, gentle coaxing in the right direction, betrayal. Until eventually our souls become calm and silent. And our interactions with people is not merely a means to help discover things about ourselves, and we look upon the world with a different set of eyes, and we are able to see beyond form and faces and find the beauty in people's souls...

Fazila and I have been social media friends for quite a few years. You could say we met on the status of a mutual friend, though I can't be sure who made the first move ;-) To me, Fazila has always come across as driven...a go getter! Self-confident and self assured. Something I found lacking in myself. But as social media would have it, updates and pictures only shows a portion of our journey's, and it wasn't until Fazila joined the blogging world that I managed discover a little more about what lies beneath the digital persona I had come to know.

Behind her infectious smile and enthusiasm for fitness, I found someone who was burdened with her own history. I discovered an individual who lost her mother at a young age, and in that, felt like she lost out on life too. Who took it upon herself to look after her siblings when Life seemed to have handed them a raw deal. Who stared in the face of adversity...and overcame it. Who didn't become a slave to her circumstances, but rather used it to propel herself to succeed. I discovered a woman with guts and courage and a helluva good sense of humour!

So...what makes Fazila beautiful to me? Fazila possesses an energy that is both inviting and contagious. Her beauty lies in her vibrant personality and her quirky sense of humour. It's lies in the fact that she hasn't allowed her circumstances to define her, but rather redefined her circumstances. It's her strength and determination and as she so aptly puts it, her "ability to fly kick problems into the air". She isn't afraid to deviate from the status quo and in her own unique way, she is making her mark, finding her way, and chasing her dreams!

So, Fazila, what makes You beautiful?
I struggled to write about this because there's not a single character trait that I possess which makes me feel beautiful. A lot of what I feel about myself and how it affects my appearance is negative. My husband says I'm my own worst critic. But, if I was pushed to it, my strength, willpower & determination to accomplish goals and achieve success when faced with challenges: these are attributes closest to making me feel beautiful. What makes another woman beautiful in my eyes are these same things. Just add to that confidence and self assuredness. I'll get there one day. Insha Allah. I suppose I have to maintain a positive outlook. And stop beating myself up about things that are beyond my control.
 You are beautiful Fazila...inside and out!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Modest Eid Inspiration

I feel unnaturally organised and stress free as we embrace this last week before Eid celebrations. If you're anything like me, then you've completely avoided the Eid rush by planning ahead and already have the kids (and your) clothes hanging and ready. If not, I'm here to make your job a little bit easier by directing you where to go.
We all know that prowling the mall for modest wear can be tiresome and end up fruitless. Chain stores don't really cater for Eid in the way of modest fashion and one is either left with nothing to wear or going with the stream.
 What I love is that there has been a rise in local designers taking on the gap in the market for modest fashion and creating full on Eid ranges that caters to our needs. Eid Markets and open days have done well in bringing this market to the fore and making it easier for us to look both stylish and modest!
If you've missed out on these markets and are still on the lookout for something to wear for Eid, then FEW AND FAR COLLECTIONS together with ZIBA STYLES is hosting an open day this weekend. Few And Far Collections offers an exclusive range of imported garments from UAE, UK, Malaysia and Turkey. Boasting a wide and exclusive range of  on trend maxi dresses, tops, coats and scarves...and with Ziba Styles showcasing their sought after accessories, you are bound to get your complete Eid outfit at one stop ;-)

Here's a preview of a very regal piece from their collection, available at the open day tomorrow!
Open Day!
Saturday 11 June 2015
10 am - 4pm
12 Melo Ave, Rondebosch

A few more dresses from the range...

 Thanks for reading and good luck with Eid shopping!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Pyjama Days - Featuring Naptime Onesies

I can't believe that we're into the second week of the school holidays, nearing the end of the fast, and just past halfway through the year as well! Time is sprinting by and with Ramadan and school holidays colliding, I have found this offering to be the right reprieve at the right time for me to unwind, unclasp my grip on my worldly duties and regain and reclaim some calm, so that the journey forward will be a little easier to plot...
With no hurry or rush to be anywhere specific anytime soon; and being in the midst of what feels like the coldest Winter in a very long has become a series of endless pyjama days for the kids! It provides the right amount of warmth and that cosy feeling that is synonymous with those "Do nothing" kind of days that Winter vacations tend to bring along ( idyllic as pyjama days seem in this house, the Kiddie Argument Intervention has become an actual thing!). The only thing missing is a hot cuppa something and a big bowl of popcorn (Fast)...the comfort food to make this cosy party complete!

I find (good quality) polar fleece to be the ideal fabric for winter warmth. Not only is it light weight and extremely warm. Good quality fleece washes exceptionally well and dries really quick in comparison to other winter wear garments, making pj's the garment of choice in our house...or at least stay in them for as long as we possibly can!  
Which brings me this Naptime Onesies onesie. Naptime onesies are all-in-one comfort wear for women. It is made with coral fleece and is the ideal garment to keep cosy while combatting the chill  and lazing around the comfort of your home. Standard onesies are available in various colour combinations in sizes S, M, L, XL, or can be customised with your choice from various prints and colours. As one can expect, these onesies are the ultimate in comfort and warmth, and is making Winter a whole lot more bearable :-)

You can order your own Naptime Onesies onesie by following their Facebook Page



Available in various combinations...
Thanks for reading!