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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Letter To My Younger Self

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If life unveiled itself in seasons...then I would have just emerged from a Winter and be basking in the middle of a Spring. But even the glory of Spring would not be fully appreciated without having weathered the bitterness of a storm. I guess that is why I have chosen to write this letter to me... young and budding and in the midst of your second Spring... and guide you full circle to the hill upon which I sit now.

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I'm hoping this letter reaches you in full bloom! Where the field lay wide and open ahead of you. Where your searching eyes are oblivious to the mountain of choices and opportunity; and seem to be looking for only one thing and that is for someone to sweep you off your feet. Your proverbial Prince Charming. I'm afraid your current perceptions of Love & Life is clouded by an innocence and naivety that is a consequence of being sheltered from the cruelties of the world. A reality you are unprepared for it seems.

Sure enough, you find your Prince Charming...and Love catches you by surprise. He is not any of the Fairy tale persona's you imagined would come. In fact, he is the opposite. But his bold gestures and alluring charm captivates you and catches you off guard... and before you know it your future is altered to spend  forever with him. He has a good, kind heart and a beautiful soul. And you work together towards a beautiful forever...Keep him.

 It is easy to lose yourself in Love...and you fall easily and deeply. And for a while lose yourself fulfilling someone else's dreams and not your own. But, do not despair. Following your heart inevitably leads you towards the destiny you envisioned.... Your happily ever after just takes a little more work. My only wish is that you have a little more faith in yourself.

Love. Romance. Summer...

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And then begins your Autumn. Where your body is heavy with the fruits of your Summer. Where the veil covering your eyes, your innocence, your make believe reality, falls to the ground like the amber Autumn leaves. And everything you ever believed in, gets turned on it's head! With each fallen truth, you start to discover the reality that is Life. Love. Trust. Friendship. Betrayal...You give all of yourself to whoever needs you, but your good intentions lie shattered in pieces around you and you are left bewildered. Wounded...until all that is left is a raw and naked soul. Exposed to the elements.

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Which leads you to a cold and bitter Winter...Where you have to face the raging storm inside of you and steer yourself to calmer shores. Nobody can help you out of this but YOU. But even in hardship there is learning. And learning leads to growing...And growing helps us to heal and renew. Sometimes being plunged in the darkest hole forces us to dig deep in order to propel ourselves forward. This misery becomes your greatest gift, for in these moments of turmoil and confusion you turn towards one of your forsaken gifts to help you through it. You pick up a pen and write...and with that you start to peel away the layers of hurt and rediscover You.

Everything has a beginning and an end. I won't ask you to change any of your impending footsteps for it leads to an eventual great place! You need to experience the darkness in order to appreciate the light. I'm just here to tell you that the light does come. I am sitting in the midst of it and it is fantastic...

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Who knows where this journey still leads. There is a Summer ahead... and then another Autumn and Winter. But I will welcome it all just to discover what beauty lies on the other side of it...


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Younger me...

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day At The Museum

I really love being a stay at home mom! Sure enough, it comes with it's own set of sacrifices...but I have made peace with the fact that I can't do it all, a long time ago. And besides, I am privileged to be able to make a choice. I must admit that I used to look at other women and feel like I missed out on a big chunk of life because I didn't pursue my career. I felt a little inferior and would slightly cringe dare anyone ask 'what I did' for a living. But right now, looking back, although still a sting of regret, I won't take back the choices I made...because part of the perks of staying at home, means that I get to join the little ones on their school outings!

I remember accompanying Saafiyah and Raqeeb on most of their pre-school outings. It was a way of not missing out on important moments with them. Of being part of everything. I realise now that they have very little recollection of those 'moments' and it's more about me not wanting to lose out on their growing years because those memories lay deeper with me than with them. Yet I seem to be following suit with little Zee!!
My mom would argue that I should let go of the apron strings...and I might agree with her if I weren't clinging so desperately onto the last few years of being 'needed'! I realise that time is slipping by fast. That very soon Zaydaan will be all grown up and off to Primary School and managing outings without me! He's really growing up so quickly and maybe, by my attachment, I am trying to slow down the inevitable...

Whatever the case may be, it's still immensely pleasurable watching little faces light up with new discoveries, listening to my boy converse with his friends on the back seat , have him want me to accompany him still and be a part of the adventure. Hopefully I can sneak peek at it for a little while longer before they all flee the nest and unravel life on their own terms.


The Museum is in Cape Town Gardens and I really love the old architecture and statues that line the surroundings.

The theme the kids learnt about this term was all about reptiles. So naturally they HAD to check out the dinosaur bones, fossils and life size skeletons!!!


I don't need you Mom...I have my friend!
Total awe and fascination!

A mom and son pic for the memory box ;-)

Everywhere you go, a view of the mountain!


 So grateful for all my blessings and wonderful memories with my kids!
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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Love Affair With Woolworths SA

I have a long standing love affair with Woolworths! Besides the free range meat, organic vegetables and hormone free dairy products that are readily available...and lets not forget my tumultuous relationship with the dessert counter either...their clothing line has me constantly adjusting my budget in order to indulge in the latest seasonal must haves! One of South Africa's leading retailers, and one of the few that cater to the 'real woman's' needs and physique, they offer a range of clothing that is fashion forward, without compromising on comfort or quality and with a more affordable price tag.

Housing a wide variety of ranges to suit everyone's unique style , from the free spirited young woman to the sophisticated career women and even the woman at leisure (like myself)...and also housing independent brands such as Country Road, Trenery and Witchery...You can be assured garments are well made, well priced (comparatively) and always on trend...for both you  and the rest of the family. Of all the stores I shop at...I have lost my heart to Woolworths and my love affair with Woolies grows all the more treacherous (for my bank balance) with every new season!

So naturally I chose a Woolworths ensemble when venturing out to the chilly countryside on a gorgeous Winter afternoon for our Blog Addict  event a few weeks back! Opting for  comfortable gear (and we all know how I love comfort) in order to navigate the farmland terrain with ease. Fellow blogger  Amina Ebrahim  was kind enough to take these pics of me wearing...well... Woolies everything!


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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Growing Up

One never realises the full effect of time until 365 days have passed through our fingers. Slipping ever so gracefully. Silently. Until we reach a moment and reflect how far the journey has brought us. Birthdays are the one day each year that we celebrate these gradual changes, that from a mother's perspective, have passed by more swiftly than she would've liked...
Little Zee turns 5!!! And I can hardly believe the pace at which time has trickled by! The candles were barely blown out on your 4th Birthday cake, when already you started to transform...From a Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story addict to an Avengers and Superhero loving, little well as a new found love for One Direction (You know the lyrics to your favourite songs and I love the way you sing along!)
 You are the exact age big brother Raqeeb was when I discovered you were on the way. It was a time your older siblings had to grow up quickly and find their independence...something I seem to be robbing from you. For in this rapidly changing game player called are growing fast my boy...But in my minds eye I still see you as my baby!
But, the tell tale signs are there! And it really sprung on me by surprise! To think, most of  these milestones I have helped you through myself...From encouraging you to put on your own clothes and showing you which shoe goes on which foot, teaching you to draw houses and action heroes, and writing your own name. Adding and subtracting and building small little words...conquering monkey bars and teaching you to swim...and answering millions of questions to your enquiring little mind (sometimes we ask Google)! I have unknowingly helped you grow and venture away from the safety net of my protective wing...and into the arms of your Dad!
I admit that sometimes I feel guilty that I don't do as much for you as I did for your sister and brother...but then again, they didn't have older siblings to rely on the way you rely on them. Bath time, wrestling matches and getting up to mischief with Rocky; and bedtime, pampering and all your kitchen requirements from Appa. So many cousins that love and spoil you...and Agu...and Amaarah, who both embrace you like their very own little brother! It makes my job a lot easier than before. And I am grateful knowing that you have so many watchful eyes looking out for you.
And even though you are MY child and I bare the scars of bringing you into the are also deeply and dearly loved by your Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. And I want you to know that their love for you closely resembles my own (Except Naani, who will argue she loves you more)...
I know that the next 365 days will move even quicker than before and before I know it, the precious moments I hang onto so dearly now, will be gone too. Which makes me feel that I need to slow down the pace at which we are going so that I can savour each moment properly without feeling that I am missing out. It has been my greatest pleasure watching you grow. I just ask of you to hold onto my hand just a little bit longer dear son, before you let go and grow up!

Love You Always and Forever!
MOM :)
You can read the story I wrote when he turned 4  here !

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Blog Addict

Hi! I'm Namreen and I am a Blog Addict...I am not chasing an ideal, but rather fulfilling my dream to write and share my stories. Filling blank pages with my scribbles and then plunge them onto the screen.

 It seems to be a general question as to why anyone would start a blog. Especially with so many others already so far ahead in the game and with a much better success rate?? The answer for me is simple...Because beyond numbers and statistics and pretty pictures, there is a human race governed by emotion and connected by mutual experiences and feelings. There is a human spirit that I want to reach and touch with my words...and that is my addiction! I write. I bare my soul. And I pour out my heart...and I do it using this blog as a platform.

 This past Saturday I had an opportunity to meet up with fellow addicts at the picturesque Onze Rust farm in Stellenbosch! The great thing about Cape Town is that an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the seaside can be found within our very own Province! The tranquil setting of the Cape Winelands is barely a half an hour drive away from home and  Stellenbosch really is a gem that I do not visit often enough. So, Saturday came as a welcomed retreat from the craziness of my everyday duties and this charming farm and Guesthouse set the captivating backdrop to a lovely afternoon in the company of fellow blogger friends :-)

Most of my interactions with other bloggers tends to happen over social media! The aim of the Blog Addict event was to bring us together in a more intimate setting so that we can better engage and learn from one another. Listening to some of the success stories of other bloggers gave me some food for thought, but I must add that I find the journey of lesser known bloggers inspiring in their own right too! What is certain, big or small, huge following or a modest crowd, success is relative...and every single blogger ploughs a fair amount of dedication into something we all obviously feel passionate about.

It makes events like these all the more sweet! Various niches, all governed by a similar passion, brought together in one place to celebrate each others big successes and little milestones, together as a community! And boy did we do it in style!! Take a look...


On arrival, we were welcomed with refreshing non alcoholic grape juice and cheese platter while mingling under the canopy on the terrace of one of the farmhouses, now converted into a conference room.

Socialising...taking pics...and lots of laughs!

We proceeded to the formal part of the event...and walked away with these fantastic goodie boxes.

D├ęcor and catering by Decadent Addiction

All in the details...

And then had a guided tour around the farm...

 I thoroughly enjoyed the tour by guesthouse owner, Ester. It was really inspiring to hear how each spot symbolises an aspect of her own personal journey.
image source: Amina Ebrahim



Guesthouse owner...

Naeemah and Rushda...trendy in olive!

Sweet Potato waffles with endless topping options! Sinful...
And this pic sums up our day....endless laughter! With an epic drive home thereafter...

These are just the highlights. I will do a follow up post and share the lovely pictures fellow Blogger, Amina Ebrahim was generous enough to take of me. 
A big thanks to Blog Addict for having me
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