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Friday, 31 October 2014

Liebster Award

I must admit, the blogosphere is tough territory to navigate. It takes some time to find your feet and it's quite a daunting task trying to figure out exactly where you fit into the dynamics of it all. I think it's important not to take things too seriously, to take things in one's stride and remember to stay true to ones self. Kindness and humility never hurt anyone...and those are rules that are worth keeping up in the blogging world too. In some regards, rivalry is rife, but I prefer to focus on spreading the love and in the blogging world, the easiest way to show love and appreciation to each other, is with fun little Tags and nominations!
I was nominated by the lovely Amina from A Girl With A Camera for this tag a while back already, but a busy writing schedule has delayed my response to it (Sorry Amina).  Because I have done this already before, I've chosen to skip the nomination process and just answer the questions.
1. What was the best memory you have from childhood?
It's difficult to choose just one memory because my parents put in a lot of effort to make our childhood special. My sisters would argue that my memory is not the most reliable either LOL! I suppose School Summer holidays were always happy times and I think the most adventurous by far would be when my parents went to India and my brother decided to get us a puppy and a kitten! It was also during that same Summer holiday that I fell in love with reading...all thanks to J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit.

Loving my jumpsuit!!

This pool was everything back in the day!
2. What time in History would you wish to go back to?
I would've really liked to witness a period in time of one of our Prophets. To experience whole hearted submission would be fantastic!
3. What was the best birthday gift you ever received?
Before getting married, my husband was very punctual with gifts and flowers and he always made it special. Then came the kids, one after the other and our priorities shifted....which made my best birthday gift a real stand out and memorable one. It was for my 29th birthday. He planned a trip to Mauritius without me having a scent of anything!!!  When he told me 'we need to talk' I was certain it was going to be about my messy car again, but instead it was this fabulous surprise. He was only going to reveal the tickets 2 days before the trip, but his sister convinced him to give me a weeks know...for shopping!! Needless to say it was amazing and absolutely the most memorable gift by far!

4. What was your greatest achievement in life?
I feel like life is just beginning. Like the greatest things are still to come. For now it would be finding peace. Finding stillness. Finding myself and learning to tap in to the inner calm. That's where the truly inspiring lessons in life reveals itself.
5. What has made you smile recently?
My kids. On a daily basis they make me both mad and extremely happy!

6. Are you allergic to anything?
Not to my knowledge...
7. Do you have fears?
YES! Heights and cockroaches!
8. What do you consider the best thing about having a blog?
Getting to write, creating friendships and inspiring people with my words.
9. Which restaurant do you find yourself always going to?
For the longest time our date nights and outings entailed eating at Nando's or Steers (I kid you not). It was romantic in the oddest kind of way! Our more recent favourite  and frequented is Salero at the Waterfront.
10. Who do you admire most in the blogosphere?
The blogosphere is really expanding at a rapid rate and it is hard keeping up with everyone. My favourites are the ones that have stayed true to themselves and remain humble.
11. Where in the world would you love to explore?
Every corner! Especially places with historic significance.
Thanks Amina for the nomination!
And thanks to everyone for taking the time to read!


Friday, 24 October 2014

Trip to the Top

Summer is on it's way and I simply cannot wait!! Once the temperature starts to rise and the year starts to draw to an end, I mentally start to wind down in anticipation of the fabulous, carefree weeks that lie ahead. There's really nothing more beautiful than my home city in full splendour during the Summer time...and Cape Town has really been showing off lately! We are on the cusp of a brand new season and with the temperatures beginning to soar, it's really been impossible to stay confined indoors!
Last year I wrote this Summer Holiday Survival Guide ...(you might want to have a look as we head into the festive season) and this past weekend I totally took advantage of option number three when Moon offered to take the kids to Table Mountain! Moon has always been the young, carefree Aunt and was used to seeing the kids almost everyday before she got married but hasn't really had an outing opportunity like this since her wedding. So this adventure was long overdue....and naturally welcomed by me!! It has been on little Zee's wish list that his beloved Aunt take him on this trip to the top...needless to say, he was thrilled and beaming from ear to ear that his little adventure was finally happening!

We have this little thing that we do at the end of each day where each person gets a chance to say what the best part of their day was. It's a great way to recap and reflect  on the day and also teach the kids to always look for positivity in all that we do...and to pause, ponder and show gratitude for our blessings. The kids found it hard to choose one specific highlight and amongst the flurry of jumbled words and intermingled voices, all fighting for a chance to be the first to have their say, I managed to filter out a few of the highlights of the day!

From the treasure hunt, adventures on the rocks, the freedom to explore, spotting some Dassies, lizards and bugs; spectacular views, the perfect backdrop for selfies (for the girls of course) and their own private Nat Geo tour (by Uncle Nur), it was extremely difficult to decide. The was a lot of information to absorb, but for little Zee it was an easy choice....just as he was settling in for the night, he opened his tired little eyes to proclaim his favourite part of the day was adventure time with his Uncle (AWWWW) ! Clearly his first journey to the top of iconic Table Mountain was unforgettable.

Here is a picture roundup of their favourite moments...

Are we there yet !?

Favourite Uncle <3

Zee couldn't wait to get started on the treasure hunt!

The treasure was a Dassie biscuit

They thoroughly enjoyed all their close encounters with all sorts of animals

I would've just gone in my tracksuit and takkies....but Moon does everything in style!
Look quickly and this looks like me...

Taking pictures of my self, self, self....
Captivating views from all angles
My favourite picture of the day #tablemountainselfie ;-)
Eternally grateful to my family for all that they do for my kids!
Thanks for reading today...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Gun Run Fun

Don't let the title of this post fool you...I do not consider myself to be a runner at all! Although the little bit of a trot I do manage to squeeze out I consider an accomplishment on it's own. Growing up an asthmatic, and having used that as an excuse and an escape for so long, I never thought I would ever break out into a jolt in my lifetime! But thanks to some motivation from a personal trainer and the blessing of interval training, I have built my stamina up over time.

But that's as far as my running journey goes. I don't do it for fun and it's not something I pursue outside of gym!  And least of all do I enter running races...I have a tough enough time competing with myself and have to constantly talk myself through my treadmill run!
But my daughter...she is another story altogether. Certainly not blessed with my genes in this regard, running is second nature to her. It runs (excuse the pun) through her veins! She gains such an immense amount of pleasure out of it and seeing her enjoy something so whole heartedly is fascinating to witness. For her, running is comes with ease.
Because she was too young to enter the 10km race with her aunt, I decided that to enter the 5km run with her and figured it would be a good bonding experience for the two of us! I was excited at the prospect of joining in on something she really loves, of being part of her world, of breathing in her passion.  As karma would have it...I injured my ankle real badly a few days prior to the race :-(
Everything happens for a reason I guess. In retrospect, I think I may have kept her back...slowed her down....nagged...and sapped the joy out of the moment. Instead, I just walked the course...gave some motherly support and let her run her heart out. Dad and brother cheered on from their bikes, cycling part of the course to try and get a glimpse of us (they managed to get that glimpse) and were waiting at the finish line. I was the last of my family members to cross the finish line (busted ankle and all), but I'm so glad I partook in something that was important to my child! Next year I shall run...provided I don't twist another ankle ;-)

It was a misty morning, but it didn't deter anyone! Babies were on board bundled up in prams with warm blankies...

Some fun and entertainment en route!

Walking meant more time for photo's! lol 

At the finish line with the cousins...

That smile says it all...GO SAAFI!! Now...if only she was that dedicated to her school work! HAHA

 Here's to many more races!!
Thanks for reading.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Eid Traditions

I think we are a living in a generation where a lot of the time, we tend to shy away from tradition. Moving forward is not necessarily a bad thing and there are plenty of rituals worth letting go of, but what if; in this process of letting go and moving on; we lose sight of some of the traditions that are worth hanging on to?
Eid days are always centred around family. Until now, our parents have always held the fort so to speak and I think we tend to take the older generation for granted sometimes, their comforting presence in our lives and the leadership roles that they take. Eid days are hectic, for sure, but for so long it's been the elder's in our homes that have kept tradition alive!

I've started to see how age is really starting to eat away at them, how they can't do as much as they used to, sometimes foregoing their aches and pains for the sake of keeping the family unit together, especially on big days like these. And though it's always a team effort in getting things done, this year has got me thinking about what will happen when they are gone...

We are reaching that point in life where very soon we will have to take over the reigns, be the leaders and pass on traditions to our own kids. The road ahead will always be riddled with little bumps and change is unavoidable I guess...but that strong sense of family that has been passed on to us; that our parents fought hard to preserve; that is something I will fight hard to instil in my own kids too.... because the tradition of Family, never goes out of fashion!

Eid was such a rush and I didn't manage to take as many pictures as I usually do, but these will have to do for today :-)

Off to mosque
This little guy actually called me to take photos of him!


Brother, Sister kind of love

Dinner at Naani is always a highlight!

Halfway across the brother's kids all dressed up for Eid
Missed our morning photo session, but Moon's outfit was too pretty not to take a few pictures


I have no pictures of myself or my fabulous shoes...but I just recycled this dress.

Thanks for reading today!


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wellness Wednesday

I don't know if it's a sign of old age, but I've become a lot more conscious of my health and wellness. Having two back to back pregnancies in my early twenties made me feel like I aged ten years in the space of two and just as I started to finally emerge from the woods, I had a third...all before I even entered my thirties!! Seeing my mom struggle with diabetes (she was diagnosed in her forties) has made me want to fight my genetics a little bit harder!  I've realised that the repercussions of what we put our bodies through now will come to haunt and affect us later on in life! Thus began my plight for a healthier (not necessarily skinnier) lifestyle.

The first step to a healthier lifestyle, is understanding how our bodies work and educating ourselves is key when wanting to improve the way our bodies function. If you're like me and always looking for ways to improve your health and wellness, then I highly recommend attending  POMEGRANATE  EVENTS Wellness Wednesday coffee mornings that takes place at the Blue Biscuit in Claremont. It's a women's only event, aimed at inspiring women, helping us learn new things and have fun while doing it!
A far cry from Scallywags, The Blue Biscuit has a calm and tranquil setting

The themes of these mornings always centres around health and wellness with very informative talks by various health professionals and experts. No two event are the same so there is always something new to learn!  I was invited to the first event as a guest of Pilates instructor Salmah Bayat and was blown away, also absorbing so much knowledge from the talk given by Dr Leila Sadien (an Integrative and Aesthetic GP) ... but the events also include beauty and style segments by professionals in their field and starts off with some gentle exercise (yoga or Pilates) by qualified instructors. There's also a beauty technician on standby to see to any beauty requirements (waxing, threading, massages and facials). Really something for everyone!

This is a perfect platform for small businesses wanting to promote and market their brand. The recent event I attended saw stunning displays by two brands that are very dear to me and I dragged Rushda from Rube's closet with me to offer my support to them! ZIBA STYLES is an online based store that specialises in absolutely stunning an unique accessory pieces at extremely affordable prices, as well as a selection of hand picked garments that are in line with the latest international trends! You will find ZIBA on Facebook as well as Instagram  ( @zibastyles ) for all the latest additions to their range. If you are keen on viewing these fabulous pieces, there is an agent in Cape Town and you can contact her for viewing times ( Salmah 079 457 3305 )

Gorgeous statement pieces from Ziba!
This stunning shoulder chain is also on sale from Ziba and can be dressed up in countless ways!

How stunning is this display!!

Also on display was the Spring/Summer range from designer Ayshah Allie, who has her own clothing label. The Human Image Fashion and lifestyle is a brand designed to add luxury to a woman's wardrobe by using the highest quality natural fabrics such as cotton and silks. The collection is made of locally made garments as well as exclusive imported once offs to fit all shapes and sizes. I can personally vouch for the quality as the garments I have purchased from Ayshah has literally serviced me for years!!
( Image: My own)

The delicious snacks are all provided by the Blue biscuit (They also cater for private parties and functions)...and I absolutely loved the homemade berry smoothies (and those yummy juices from the first event) made by Pomegranate events themselves!
Presentation is everything...


 The next event takes place on the 29 October at the Blue Biscuit (which used to be Scallywags) and will be focusing on Cancer awareness. If you would like to attend the event, or even promote your brand at any of the upcoming events, the please contact  . You can also be kept up to date with future events by liking the Pomegranate Events Facebook page...I will leave you with a few more pictures of the last event to give you an idea of what happens at these exciting mornings!  All photo's were taken by Lamise Inglis Media.

TIBB & Cupping Practitioner Dr. Rehana gave us a very informative talk about her field! Really walked away learning so much...

SH'ZEN products were also on show
Hijaab Styling by Fatima Khan Wise (From MeMrsMe blog)

Rebel Funk Jewellery also on sale

There's also some giveaways up for grabs...Plus everyone walks away with a small Goodie Bag
 Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you at the next event!